This page serves as recognition and celebration of the awards that ensembles and individual students have earned since Belton Middle School re-opened in 2020.  Not listed are the many students throughout the years who have earned admission into the TMEA All-Region Band, the highest accomplishment a middle school band member can achieve.  These students are recognized at our Holiday Concert in December every year.

Students who earn a First Division Superior rating at Solo & Ensemble Contest are awarded a medal, while students who earn a Second Division Excellent rating receive a ribbon.  Additionally, select students are named “Outstanding Performer” if they represent the best performance in their grade level for the contest.  These students receive an additional special medal for their accomplishment.

In addition to medals & ribbons, directors select students to receive the Most Promising Musician Award and the Outstanding Musician Award, which are awarded to 6th, 7th, & 8th graders.  All of these awards are presented at the Belton MS End-of-Year Awards Ceremony in May.

All of the recipients of the following awards are listed below.  The Belton MS Jazz Award is awarded to an 8th grader that consistently demonstrates proficiency in the one truly American art form – jazz.  The Belton MS Band Service Award is given to two 8th graders – one from Symphonic Band and one from Wind Ensemble – that gives of their time selflessly to the band program, regardless of musical ability.  The Belton MS Band Leadership Award is also given to two 8th graders (Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble) that demonstrates leadership skills in their respective ensemble (also regardless of musical ability).  Finally, the prominent Belton MS Band Director’s Award for Superior Musicianship honors the top 8th grader who distinguishes themselves by consistently following our Five Guidelines for Success, which are to Be Punctual, Be Prepared, Be Disciplined, Be Relentless, all of which leads to Be Superior.

2020-2021 School Year

Wind Ensemble:

Symphonic Band:

Jazz Band:

Beginner’s Ensemble: 

Belton MS Jazz Award:

Belton MS Band Service Award:

Belton MS Band Leadership Award: 

Belton MS Band Director’s Award for Superior Musicianship:

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