Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the fastest way our students improve on their instrument. We have an amazing private lessons staff available to our students every week that work with them one-on-one to help those who work hard to reach their potential. Lessons are charged at a rate of $25 per 25-minute lesson, and fees are paid directly to the lesson teachers.  

Students who are enrolled in private lessons usually make All-Region Band, earn first division superior ratings on solos, sit at the top of their section, and have greater potential for making the Texas All-State Band in high school, which usually results in large scholarships to college. Private lessons are vital to any quality band program, and are strongly recommended for all members.

This page lists the many benefits a student enjoys when taking lessons on their instrument. Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and can usually accommodate teaching lessons during the school day in order to save parents time outside of school. The biography flyers of our lesson teachers will be available at Band Registration. Click here to sign up for lessons!

In the email addresses below, replace AT with the @ symbol in order to format the address correctly. This is done to avoid SPAM and other unsolicited emails. Here is a current list of all lessons teachers:

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