EOY Placement Audition Information

As we look forward to the next school year, here is information about our annual end-of-year placement auditions.  Auditions will be held during your child’s band class from April 26 to May 7.  All current 6th and 7th grade band students are required to participate as part of their spring semester exam.  This audition serves as the individualContinue reading “EOY Placement Audition Information”

Auditions for M100 High School Band

This message is intended only for 8th grade students and parents who are interested in joining the M100 in high school band next year: This coming week, students will be given the Fall 2021 M100 audition music, which can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/m100-2021.  This information applies to all woodwind and brass students.  Mr. Smith will overseeContinue reading “Auditions for M100 High School Band”

Wednesday’s UIL Schedule

Please note that the message below applies to Wind Ensemble parents and students only: Click here find the schedule for Wednesday’s UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation recording session at the Belton HS PAC on April 7.  This will take place during school, and students will need to bring their formal uniform to school that day,Continue reading “Wednesday’s UIL Schedule”