Wednesday’s Beginning Band Contest

Please note this information is only for eligible members of the Beginner’s Ensemble: Please click here to see the details for Wednesday’s Temple College Contest that will take place during school.  Students will need to arrive to school that morning already dressed in their band uniform, which is their band uniform shirt tucked into jeansContinue reading “Wednesday’s Beginning Band Contest”

Beginner Rehearsals & Performances

In order to prepare for both of next week’s performances, the Beginner’s Ensemble will have rehearsals after school next Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17 in the Band Hall from 4-5pm.  Please pick up your student at 5pm in the staff parking lot near the Cafeteria.  Both of these rehearsals are required in order toContinue reading “Beginner Rehearsals & Performances”

Details for Saturday’s Spring Trip

Please note this message is only for students and parents attending the Spring Trip: Click here for our schedule for Saturday’s Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas. We went over these details with the students in class on Monday. Please make sure your student is dropped off at the side Cafeteria entrance of BMS no later thanContinue reading “Details for Saturday’s Spring Trip”