Ensembles Placements for Next Year

Here is the roster of next year’s Belton Middle School Band after our recent placement auditions.  They are listed by student ID numbers for privacy reasons.  Please realize these are preliminary results that may change between now and the start of school, per directors’ discretion.  Individual student packets will be sent out via email soon.

End-of-Year Placement Auditions

This message is for current 6th and 7th grade band students who will be joining the Belton MS Band next school year:

Please read the set of instructions at this link in order to prepare for the End-of-Year Placement Auditions.  These auditions determine which ensemble (group) students will be placed in next school year at BMS.  

Students should submit only one video recording to their current band director no later than Friday, April 17 at 11:59pm. Audition results are final and will be made available to students and parents on Monday, April 27.  Email your current director if you have any questions.