First Week of Band!

We are gearing up and ready for the first week of the Belton MS Band!  Here are a few informational items, as well as some reminders for this first week:

Band Supplies and Materials are due this week but we want students to wait until Wednesday to start bringing them in.  This is because everything is so hectic that first day, and we are just trying to get students where they are supposed to be without having to worry about bringing supplies. 

Starting on Wednesday, students in the following classes can bring their instrument and materials to school: B Day = All Beginning Band classes and Jazz Band.  Then starting on Thursday, A Day band students can bring their instrument and materials to school = Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  If that’s too confusing, feel free to check out our daily Band Block Schedule here: 

Please check out our Supplies and Materials website to see if you have all of your student’s band stuff ready to go to school here:  

Speaking of school supplies, we also need all Beginning Band students to bring 1 pack of lined notebook index cards on their day above.  This will help us learn the notes on the staff for our specific instrument.  I apologize for the late notice.

Lastly, because we are a newly re-opened school, we do not yet have locks for our instrument lockers.  If you are renting an instrument from a music store or if your student is bringing their own instrument from home, you may want to provide them with a combination or key lock.  This is not required, but we wanted to let you know before the first day of school.  We hope to purchase locks for all of our instrument lockers soon.

Thank you for reading this information, and make sure your student signs up for Google Classroom by following the instructions here:  At-Home Learners will find all of their instructions and lessons for Band at this site.  We look forward to meeting your student this week!

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