All-Region Audition Recording Sessions

Please note that the message below is only intended for select members of the Wind Ensemble:

We are excited that it is finally time for this year’s prestigious TMEA All-Region Band Auditions on Saturday, October 31!  The students have worked very hard on their scales and etudes since the start of school, and now they finally get to see how they measure up to the competition!  This is the most individually-competitive event we do all year, and the students compete with middle schools from Belton, Bryan, and College Station.  Students that makeRegion Band are considered state-ranked within Texas middle schools!

Parents should sign up their student for a time slot using Sign-Up Genius at this link: no later than this Wednesday, October 28.  These times range from 10:00am to 5:00pm at Belton Middle School.  Students should arrive at the side Cafeteria entrance under the awning (by the bus loop) 30 minutes before their recording time.  This will allow them to get focused, warm-up, and tune in the Cafeteria before their time slot.  Students should take their instrument home with them the day before (Friday) so as to not disturb the recording sessions already in progress in the Band Hall.

If the student plays a woodwind instrument (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, or saxophone) they should report to the Orchestra Room promptly at their designated recording time.  Brass instruments (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, or tuba) should report to the Band Hall.  Percussion students should report to the Ensemble Room.  A director will meet each student at that place and time and help them make 5 recordings: 1. First Scale, 2. Second Scale, 3. Chromatic Scale, 4. First Etude, and 5. Second Etude.  The first and second scales should be announced by the judges before Saturday (hopefully).

This recording session is considered a performance, and will be taken as a major grade using the following rubric:

Be Punctual – arrive at the Cafeteria 30 minutes before your scheduled time slot, and be on time to your recording room for your audition (25 points)

Be Prepared – have all of your music, instrument, and supplies ready to go ahead of time.  Make sure that your instrument is in good working order, including broken-in reeds and valves that have been oiled ahead of time (25 points)

Be Prepared – wear school-appropriate attire when you enter the build.  Do not wear hats so you don’t interfere with the playing of your instrument or the recording (25 points)

Be Disciplined – both in the practicing of your instrument and in your behavior at all times, including the Cafeteria, hallways, and recording room (25 points)

Thank you ahead of time for your support of our band students.  If you have any questions or conflicts, please contact Mr. Pulley ASAP.  We wish all of our students the best of luck as they make final preparations for this year’s All-Region auditions.

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