Upcoming Holiday Concert – Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band

Please note this message is intended for parents and students of Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band:

We want to be sure you have our upcoming Holiday Concert marked on your calendar at home.  The date is Monday, December 7 in the evening at the Belton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC).  We will give you definite times later, but we wanted to make sure you knew about this date since we cannot recreate a public performance.  We finally get to perform live in public again!

All students who have paid for their band uniform shirt should have received one by now.  If your child has not yet received theirs, kindly send $20 with them to school this week.  At the concert, students will wear their band shirt tucked into black dress pants (not jeans) with black dress shoes and black calf-length socks that serves as their band uniform.  Yes, tucking their shirt in is part of a well-kept appearance for our performances, and is required for our uniform for all of our students.  Young gentlemen will need to wear a black dress belt.  Jazz Band students will wear their jazz uniform shirt for this performance.

If your student does not have either of these items (such as black pants, black calf-length socks, black dress shoes, and/or black dress belt for gentlemen) please use this upcoming Thanksgiving break to get them for their band uniform they will wear throughout this year.  Again, this is a required part of our band uniform.  Young ladies need to tuck in their shirt as well, but do not need to wear a belt.  Consult our Band Handbook online for additional details.

We will need our remote virtual learners to come to school and physically participate in our class rehearsals in the Band Hall if they plan on performing at our concert.  Please contact us if this is not the case.

Thank you for your support, and let us know if you have any questions.

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Belton Middle School Band in Belton, Texas

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