Holiday Concert Information

Dear Band Parents and Students,

The holidays are fast approaching! We want to make you aware of the details for our Holiday Concert on Monday, December 7 held in the Belton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) starting at 7:00pm. This free concert is open to all friends and family members so they can watch students perform.

The Band Hall will close at 4:30pm that day, and students are responsible for taking their instrument and music binder to the PAC. This concert performance is a major grade for all band students, and is critical to their success as a musician. Please remember that it is not possible to recreate a public performance, and this concert serves as the semester exam for Fall 2020.

Members of the Beginner’s Ensemble need to arrive at 6:15pm so they can be seated on stage and ready to warm up by 6:30pm. This is when attendance will be taken and determined who is on time, prepared, and ready to perform! Beginners will need to wear their red band shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes. Their program (in order) includes: “First Holiday Concert” and “Christmas Fun”. The percussion ensemble will then perform a piece afterward. Beginners will also have 2 required group rehearsals at school on Thursday & Friday (December 3 & 4) starting at 3pm through STRIPES until 4:30pm in the Band Hall. There will be an announcement made to call students down to the Band Hall.

Members of the Symphonic Band will need to arrive at the Belton High School Band Hall by 7:00pm in order to warm-up for their performance, and Wind Ensemble members will need to arrive at the same place for their warm-up by 7:20pm. Both groups of students will need to wear their red polo shirt tucked into black pants with black calf-length socks, black closed-toed shoes, and a black belt for gentlemen. Jazz Band students will wear their black jazz band dress shirt for the whole concert.

When students first arrive, they will need to double-check to see if they are in uniform (including tucked-in shirt). We will not be wearing any silly attire, such as Santa hats, for this formal performance. Instrument cases should stay in vehicles, or with parents at their seats in the PAC. Students should quickly find their seat, get out their music, and represent BMS well. Students should respect every adult working at Belton High School, as well as everyone playing music. All of the band students have worked hard on their music, and all of them deserve the same respect. Please remain seated while groups are performing, and applause is appreciated when done appropriately.

In order to be in compliance with Belton ISD’s guidelines for safety, we have a few things that everyone needs to follow in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Beginner parents may enter the building starting at 6:15pm, but must promptly exit at the conclusion of their performance (by 7:15pm). Symphonic Band/Wind Ensemble/Jazz Band parents may enter the building immediately after, and are able to stay for the remainder of the concert. Since we are only allowed to be at 50% capacity, every other row will be blocked off, and please leave 3 seats between you and the next party. A mask must be worn the entire time you are in the building. Please promptly take your seat and avoid congregating in crowds. If you are feeling ill or are showing any COVID-type symptoms, please do the right thing and stay home.

Please see this timeline that we will follow for this concert, so be sure you know where to be and when.

All students can a grade of 100 for this performance if they follow all 3 of these rubric categories:

Punctual Attendance and Materials (50%): Students must be on time at the specific report time given for each ensemble (see above). Students must also have everything needed for their performance, including instrument and appropriate accessories, their binder with all music, and any other necessary materials.

Proper Attire (25%): Each performance has an appropriate uniform as outlined in the Belton Middle School Band Handbook – follow all guidelines to earn full credit, including tucked-in shirt.

Behavior and Concert Etiquette (25%): Students should always be disciplined in their behavior and act appropriately at all times, both on and off stage, including proper concert etiquette. This includes listening and not talking while others are speaking or performing

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please contact us. We hope to see you and your family at the Holiday Concert, and thank you for your support of your child’s music education!


Mr. Pulley, Mr. Trahan, & Mr. Smith

Belton Middle School Band Directors

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