Next Week’s Band Registration

Remember our Band Registration/Everything Day is happening at the Belton MS Band Hall next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 3 and 4 from 8:00am-4:00pm (come-and-go).  This is an opportunity to get all of the paperwork done and fees paid well before school starts so students can get to playing on their instruments sooner!  New: Click here to find your way and the map to the Belton MS Band Hall.

Students should bring their instrument, supplies, and materials to have it checked over by a director to make sure they have everything correct, plus they can put it in their band locker at that time.  All of these items are due at school no later than Thursday, August 19, which is the second day of school.  If you need another copy of the instrument-specific list, please visit the Supplies & Materials page of our website here:

We have already received some messages that students and/or parents will be out of town during these days, and we will be sending you the checklist to be completed online this week – this is also due by August 19.  If you haven’t already let Mr. Pulley know, please send an email so we can get your student registered for Band.

Thank you to the parents and students who have volunteered to help run this event, and we will be sending you more information soon.

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