Band Social On Tuesday

Just a friendly reminder about our Band Social next Tuesday from 5-7pm at Spare Time.  Please don’t arrive before 5pm because we need to set up ahead of time with the event staff, and students will need to receive a wristband.  We suggest students bring around $40-$50 for the games, but we will feed them 2 slices of pizza and unlimited drinks free-of-charge starting at 6pm in the big party room.

Please pick up your child no later than the 7pm ending time, unless you email Mr. Pulley giving permission to leave your child unsupervised at Spare Time after that time.  Students may not participate in the outside Shaker’s Backyard events unless a parent is present for supervision and to fill out the necessary paperwork. 

Students may bring a sibling or non-Band friend along, but we are only feeding band students and the chaperones who signed up ahead of time, all of whom will have a wristband.  *Chaperones* I will be sending you a separate email with instructions.

We’re looking forward to a fun evening as a way celebrate our students’ hard work so far this school year!

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Belton Middle School Band in Belton, Texas

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