Band Picture Day

This week, students will receive an order form for band pictures that we will take next Wednesday, February 2.  Students will wear their uniform and have their instruments in a group picture we will take in the competition gym.  This is for publication in the yearbook, and available for parent/student purchase.  We will also have individual photos being taken in the Ensemble Room if you wish to have one made for your student with their instrument and uniform. 

Students who do not have their band uniform on Picture Day will not be allowed to be in the picture.  Students must BE PREPARED and be responsible for having their uniform on Picture Day.

We prefer that order forms be filled out ahead of time and money brought the day of the pictures in order to purchase them.  Photo Texas will have “Last Chance” forms the day of where students will have to fill in their parents’ contact information, including email address and photo number.  You can contact them directly by visiting their website or by calling 800-883-6463.

Beginners will need to wear their band shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes and a belt for young gentlemen.  Their large group will be taken during 2nd period STRIPES time starting around 9:00am.  Individual pictures with instruments will be taken during their respective band period.

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will take their pictures during their respective band period.  These students need to wear their formal band uniform, which is their polo shirt tucked into black pants, black socks and shoes, as well as a black belt for gentlemen.  We will also take an additional All-Region Band picture for those students who qualified.

Jazz Band will need to wear their formal jazz uniform with black pants, black socks and shoes, as well as a black belt for gentlemen.  This will take place during their normal 3rd period class.

Please email a director if you have any questions.

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