Spring Trip Dress Code

Yesterday, all band students were given detailed information about the swimsuit dress code for our upcoming Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas (Austin) on Saturday, May 14.  Boys and girls were given the information separately with Mr. Pulley presenting the information to boys in the Band Hall, and Mrs. Marshall (Choir Director) presenting the information to girls in the Choir Room.  You can view the slideshow yourself by clicking on this link: https://tinyurl.com/springtripdresscode 

After Spring Break, every band student will be given this eligibility information for our Spring Trip filled out with their individually-specific information on a hard copy.  It states their current eligibility status, information for chaperones, and the cost that is due no later than Money Monday, April 11.  Please take time to read through these pages as it contains detailed information for our Spring Trip coming up in May.  Feel free to email Mr. Pulley if you have any questions.

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