Details for Saturday’s Spring Trip

Please note this message is only for students and parents attending the Spring Trip:

Click here for our schedule for Saturday’s Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas. We went over these details with the students in class on Monday. Please make sure your student is dropped off at the side Cafeteria entrance of BMS no later than 8:45am, and please do not park in the bus loop since our buses will be coming in to park. We will meet in the Cafeteria to go over the last set of instructions before loading the buses.

Be sure to review our swimsuit dress code by clicking on this link: Please stress with your student they need to stay hydrated with water or Powerade/Gatorade throughout the day, not just soda so they don’t get dehydrated. Students will have access to free unlimited drinks all day while at the park. They should also use sunscreen.

Students can bring personal electronic devices (such as cell phone or small gaming device) but students assume all responsibility for these items, not adults. As with any public place, there is a risk of these items being lost, stolen, or damaged. We highly recommend students rent a locker while at the park in order to safely secure these items.

Please be sure your student bring a bag for wet clothes, as well as a change of dry clothes for the bus ride home. If you will be picking up your student to leave with you from the park, please be sure to fill out and turn in this Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent ASAP. We should return to BMS around 5:45pm, but I will send out Remind text messages for updates.

We are very much looking forward to the return of this Spring Trip! If you have any questions, please message Mr. Pulley.

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