Wednesday’s Beginning Band Contest

Please note this information is only for eligible members of the Beginner’s Ensemble:

Please click here to see the details for Wednesday’s Temple College Contest that will take place during school.  Students will need to arrive to school that morning already dressed in their band uniform, which is their band uniform shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes and gentlemen should wear a belt.  They will be excused from periods 1-6, but are still responsible for any missed school work.  

Our performance takes place at 11am, and is free and open to the public so come and watch the Beginners at their first ensemble contest!  We will perform in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center (PAC), and campus maps can be found here for your reference.  Please have your student bring $6 for lunch at CiCi’s Pizza by this Monday.  This makes it much easier when we arrive to get everyone through the line to the buffet. 

Student may bring a change of regular school clothes if they wish, and will have time to change out of their uniform once we return to school after lunch.  We will follow the same performance rubric for this major grade, including being Punctual, Prepared, and Disciplined.  We are excited that Beginners get to finally return to Temple College for this contest after a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic.  Please wish us luck as we make the final preparations for this contest!

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