Monday & Tuesday Band Registration

One last reminder about our Band Registration happening in the Belton MS Band Hall this Monday and Tuesday from 8am-4pm (come-and-go). Park in the staff parking lot and come in through the side Cafeteria entrance and follow the arrow signs inside. If you are unfamiliar with the building, click on this link for the map:

Please bring your band student and one parent/guardian to go through the registration stations, which should take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Be sure to bring their instrument and any and all purchased supplies with them. Older students should bring their summer checkout instruments with them in order to update our inventory.

This Registration allows parents to fill out all of the required paperwork, get your student a band locker, meet the directors, and get prepared for a great start to the school year. That way, the directors can start teaching on the first day of school!

If you will not be in town during these 2 days, be sure to email so Mr. Pulley can send you the Registration Checklist for you to fill out online on your own. Completed registration checklists and all instruments, supplies, and materials are due on Thursday, August 18 (the second day of school).

Thank you to those of you older students and parents who have volunteered to help at this Registration. I will be sending another email about your responsibilies soon.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

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Belton Middle School Band in Belton, Texas

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