All-Region Jazz Band Results

This past Friday, members of the Jazz Band competed in the TMEA All-Region Jazz Auditions at Bonham MS in Temple. This was a very competitive audition with a total of 162 students trying out for only 21 spots – this is only a 13% acceptance rate overall. A total of 18 middle schools participated in the blind auditions from all across central Texas.

Belton Middle School students earned 3 spots, as well as 2 students placing as alternates. Please join me in congratulating the following BMS students:

  • Jesus Espinosa-Terrazas: Placed 3rd Chair out of 43 trumpets, and is an All-Region Concert Member
  • Claire Brown: Placed 4th Chair out of 27 trombones, is a 2-Year All-Region Jazz Member, as well as a Concert All-Region Member
  • Gia Rastelli: Placed 2nd Chair out of 14 drummers, and is an All-Region Concert Member
  • Jakoby Perez: Placed 3rd out of 15 tenor saxophones, and serves as the 1st Alternate, and is a Concert All-Region Member
  • Lizzie Stewart: Placed 4th out of 14 drummers, and serves as the 2nd Alternate

BMS would also like to recognize and congratulate the other middle schools in Belton for their placement of students:

  • South Belton MS: 1 student
  • North Belton MS: 4 students
  • Lake Belton MS: 4 students

This means that out of the available 21 spots, Belton middle schools took 12 of those, which is well over 50% of the ensemble! Congratulations SBMS, NBMS, and LBMS Jazz Bands!

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Belton Middle School Band in Belton, Texas

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