Pre-UIL Benchmark Concert Information

This may be the only time family and friends will get to hear our 2023 UIL Program, so please invite everyone to attend this free concert. In order to earn a major grade of 100 for this required performance, students must do all of the following:

  • Be Punctual and arrive on time – the address for Lake Belton HS is 9809 FM 2483 in Temple 76502 – Click here for the map to LBHS from BMS AND click here for a map of LBHS and where to park, the PAC, etc.
  • Be Prepared with your proper formal concert attire, which includes:
    • Red polo shirt tucked into…
    • Black pants
    • Black belt for gentlemen
    • Black calf-length socks
    • Black dress shoes
  • Be Prepared and have all of your music, pencil, and instrument
  • Be Disciplined in your behavior and have a positive attitude You will need to take your instrument home after school on this Thursday in order to bring it to Lake Belton HS. Arrive at the LBHS Band Hall and please leave your instrument case inside your parent’s vehicle. Below is our schedule for the evening:
GroupReport TimeWarm-Up Time in LBHS Band HallMove to PAC StagePerformance Time on PAC StageDismissal Time
Symphonic Band5:45pm6:00pm6:20pm6:30pm6:45pm
Wind Ensemble6:45pm6:55pm7:20pm7:30pm7:45pm

There will be judges listening to us perform and writing comments. All performing students are required to attend, and this is a required performance for a major grade. The actual UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation is also at Lake Belton HS on Wednesday, March 8. We will be sending out the details of this actual contest performance once it is received for those who would like to attend. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.

~Mr. Pulley & Mr. Trahan

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Belton Middle School Band in Belton, Texas

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