Make-Up Instrument Placement Sessions

This event is only for new students who have yet to be placed on an instrument. Because students’ class schedules are determined by which instrument they will play, we need to get them placed on a band instrument ASAP. We will be holding our last instrument placement sessions on July 21 and 22 between 1:00-7:00pm (come-and-go) at the South Belton Middle School Cafeteria.

Because of social distancing, you are required to sign up for a time at the following link: where only one parent/guardian and the student are required to attend.

Hopefully, they have an idea of which instrument that are interested in, and we have spots available for only the following instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Tuba, and Percussion. Visit our “How to Join” page to find out more about these instruments.

Please email Mr. Pulley if you have any questions, and thank you for signing up for instrument placements!

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2 thoughts on “Make-Up Instrument Placement Sessions

  1. My daughter, Reneha Bennett, had attended the instrument try outs at SBMS when it was held there and was given the percussion placement. I was wondering if this placement still stands or if she has to try out again?


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