Summer Update

Greetings from the BMS Band! 

The Band Hall at Belton Middle School has been a hub of very busy activity this past week as we received many of our brand-new instruments!  There’s still more to come, but the directors have been hard at work to get everything ready to go for school.  If you haven’t already, be sure to “Like” our page on Facebook to see the pictures:  Additionally, you can follow our Instagram: @beltonmsband

To ensure we have the correct email address for you, please reply to this email to just say “Got it” so we can tell if our Charms database is working correctly.  Also, please let us know if we need to add a different email address that you check more frequently so we can update our system.

If you haven’t purchased all of your band supplies and materials, now is the time to get started.  The new due date for all instruments, materials, and supplies to be obtained is Wednesday, September 9.  If you’re not sure what to purchase, please visit the list of necessary supplies at this link:  If you are new to Band, open up the folder labeled “Beginners” and then find your instrument.  The supplies lists for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble (Advanced) members are in the other folder.  If you get lost or confused, be sure to reply to this email. 

As a side note, most of all our communication will come from email.  Be sure to add BOTH of these email addresses to your contacts list so our messages don’t get lost in a Spam or Bulk mail folder: AND  Emails that are sent to all members will also be published on our website: so this is a great resource for information as well.

The in-person Band Registration/Everything Day previously scheduled for August 3 & 4 has been canceled due to new district restrictions.  We will still have you complete a checklist of tasks online specific to your student, but these details are still being ironed out.  We will send out detailed instructions for this at a later time.

Unfortunately we still don’t know exactly what school will look like this year, but we as the directors are committed to making this a great year for the Belton MS Band.  If you haven’t already, be sure to follow the latest plans for Belton ISD at this website:

If you have any questions or problems, be sure to send us an email so we can stay in touch during these challenging times.  Stay safe!

~Mr. Pulley: Beginning Brass, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band

~Mr. Trahan: Beginning Woodwinds and Symphonic Band

~Mr. Smith: Beginning Percussion and all things Percussion

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