Practicing Expectations

Please note that this message is only intended for the parents/students of Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble:

As we start this 3rd week of school, we want to communicate the expectations for practicing for our advanced band students.  Practicing is necessary outside of class time in order to improve one’s ability on their instrument.  Unlike other classes, band students have homework every week that includes practicing 5 days a week for a minimum of 25 minutes each day. 

Each week, we will be giving students a hard copy of their practice record, as well as posting it in Google Classroom.  After a student practices, a parent will then initial in the box of that particular day.  Practice Records are due the first A Day of the week.  For example, next Monday the 28th is an A Day, so practice records will be due on Monday.  The following week it’s a B Day, so the practice records will be due on Tuesday.  Ten points will be taken off for every day under 5 days that the student does not practice.  For example, if a student only practices 3 days a particular week, their grade would be an 80.

Five points will be deducted for the first day that it is late, followed by 1 point off each subsequent day thereafter.  Practice Records will not be accepted past Friday of the week they are due.  Because practice records are taken as a daily grade every week, a significant portion of a student’s band grade will be determined by their consistency of turning in practice records.  Students should not expect to earn a passing grade for Band if they do not practice and turn in their practice records.

The content of what students will practice will change from week-to-week as they receive their practice records.  As an example, this week’s practice record for Wind Ensemble has been linked here for your viewing.  Symphonic Band’s practice record will be different, and they will receive it in class as well as having it posted to Google Classroom.

The document “How to Practice” has been attached here so both parents and students can better understand how to create successful practice sessions.  We will also be teaching students in class how they should practice, and we would like to count on you the parents to help them schedule their practice times

In addition to at-home practice, students may practice in the Band Hall before school starting at 7:30am until 8:00am.  This is a great time for students to get feedback on their practicing from us the directors, as well as ask for help with a particular scale or passage.  In this instance, we the directors would sign the practice record for that particular day.  Students are still responsible for getting directors to sign their practice record if they take advantage of this.  We will not hunt them down!  Please do not take the student’s word for it that they practiced unless you see our initials on their practice record!  Please note that practicing before school is a privilege that can be taken away if students are not focusing and intentionally practicing.  

Thank you for your support of your band student’s improvement on their instrument.  Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help your student practice better.

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