Solo Contest Results

At our Solo & Ensemble Contest at BMS last Saturday, we had a total of 162 events, and we’re proud to report that the judges awarded a total of 122 First Divisions.  That’s over 75% of the total performances earning a Superior rating!  These students will earn a medal at the end of the year.  Second Division Excellent ratings were awarded to 30 of our students, and they will receive a ribbon.  The judges also awarded 21 Outstanding Performer special medals, and their names are listed below. Great job, Belton MS Band students!

  1. Hudson B., oboe
  2. Kenna C., bassoon
  3. Ethan B., clarinet
  4. Deanna G., clarinet
  5. Javid P., clarinet
  6. Noelle D., alto saxophone
  7. John P., alto saxophone
  8. Hope B., trumpet (Wind Ensemble)
  9. Layna C., trumpet
  10. Ana P., trumpet
  11. Bobby R., trumpet
  12. Kyan P., both trombone and horn
  13. Pablo U., trombone
  14. Nathan W., trombone
  15. Alyssa V., both trombone and euphonium
  16. Alayna S., tuba
  17. Graham C., mallet percussion
  18. Alyssa N., mallet percussion
  19. Diego S.-C., snare drum

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