Wind Ensemble Pre-UIL Concert & UIL Recording Date Change

This following message is only for Wind Ensemble parents and students:

Due to the recent inclement weather, it has been necessary to change the dates of both our Pre-UIL Benchmark Concert and our UIL Concert & Sightreading recording session, both at Belton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC). Luckily, we were granted special permission to extended the deadline for our recording submission for UIL.

The required Pre-UIL Benchmark Concert will take place on Friday, March 26 at the Belton HS PAC. Students will need to report to the Stage by 6:15pm fully dressed in their formal band uniform, which includes red polo shirt tucked into black pants, black calf-length socks, and black dress shoes. Young gentlemen will need to wear a black belt as well.

Our timed warm-up will begin close to 6:30pm, and the actual performance will start at 7:00pm. Since this performance is open to the public, we highly encourage parents, friends, and family members to attend this concert since it is the only public performance we will be giving of our UIL program due to copyright restrictions. We will then sightread a piece afterwards in order to practice and prepare for the actual recording session, which will take place during school on Wednesday, April 7 in the morning. This recording session is not open to the public. More details will be sent about this at a later time.

We will have a judge listening and making comments to us about our performance in order to improve in the rehearsals that remain until our recording session. He should also be able to give us a clinic (teaching session) on improving our performance, which should be very educational for our students!

Thank you so much for your support during our contest season!

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