Practicing Expectations

Please note that the following message only applies to students and parents of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble:

This week, your band student will start their consistent schedule of practicing outside of class time in order to improve on their instrument.  Our expectation is that all instruments go home at the end of the school day every day.  Many of our students who play larger school-owned instruments have already been provided with an instrument that stays at home in addition to the one they have at school.  We do not charge extra for home instruments.  

Starting this week, students will be assigned a Practice Record that includes a customized plan for them to follow for their practicing every week.  These will always be handed out (and provided online in Schoology) on the first school day of the week, and are always due the following Monday, either through Schoology or a hard copy to be turned in the black box at the back of the Band Hall.  A parent signature or initial is required from you to ensure accountability that the student did indeed practice.  Students may also practice before school starting at 7:30am in the Band Hall, or after school until 4:30pm.  Directors can sign these practice records, but the responsibility rests on the student to bring us their practice record to be signed.  Practice Records constitute a large portion of a student’s band grade because they are submitted weekly for the entire school year.  Unfortunately, Practice Records are the number 1 reason students do not pass Band.

Following a consistent, daily practice schedule is essential for a student to progress at an acceptable rate on their instrument.  Parents, encourage your child to adopt a schedule of 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Students already know that we expect them to practice outside of class time.  Practicing is just as important as any assignment that must be turned in.  You are the only ones that can carve out this time for your child.  This can be challenging, but it matters just as much as any other academic support you can provide.  Please know that in-class participation is not enough and should not be the only time students play their instrument.  Our goal is to support you in creating strong practice habits in your child, every day.   We ask that you support your child by setting aside practice time at home.

For more information on how to practice, please visit this handout from our website: How to Practice and we appreciate your help and support.

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