Payments Due and Chocolate Fundraiser

Our 8th graders had a great time at MS Band Night last Friday, and it was great to be able to interact in-person for this performance!  Thanks to the parent chaperones who came out to help and supported our students. 

A reminder to those who have not yet paid for their uniform shirt and/or the school-owned instrument usage fee that payment is due by this Wednesday, September 15 via cash or check made out to BMS with a phone number.  Please have students put their payment in an envelope and write their name and the item on the front to be turned into a director.  Parents can also drop these off at the front office if they feel more comfortable.  We will email you a receipt when processed.  Alternatively, you can choose to pay using our RevTrak site online (4% fee) using this address:

The polo shirts for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble students will be distributed this week, and our Beginner shirts are currently being made and will be available soon.  Still coming a bit later are the Jazz Band uniform shirts and Auto Decals.  If you are not sure if you have paid for any band items, feel free to email Mr. Pulley to ask.

Starting this Wednesday, September 15 is our annual World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser!  Students will be given a hard copy of this permission slip, which must be filled out and returned before students will be given chocolate.  The profit we earn will be used for student awards and band activities, such as the Spring Trip on Saturday, May 14 to Typhoon Texas in Austin. 

Please help our students understand that when we check out a box to them, we are in essence “loaning” them $60 that must be paid back.  We cannot take back any opened boxes of chocolate, and students must turn in the full $60 from their box before they can check out another box.  Students cannot sell chocolate at school from 7:00am to 4:00pm as per state nutrition guidelines, so we will confiscate any boxes that are caught selling during school and those student will not be allowed to participate in the fundraiser.  Also, Belton ISD policy prohibits the selling of fundraising items door-to-door.

Our goal is for every participating student to sell at least 2-3 boxes of chocolate, and each item sells for $2.  We will have boxes of King Size chocolate bars (purple), and boxes of variety packs that include chocolate-covered almonds (green).  Both types of boxes are worth $60 each, and each item from either box sells for $2.  This year, we have ordered an equal number of both types since last year the green ones seemed more popular than we anticipated.  Students and parents can choose either type when they check out a box.

The fundraiser ends on Wednesday, September 29 and all money collected will be due on this day.  We will have several $20 bills to give away to those students who win the drawings from those who turn in their money after selling chocolate boxes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting on Friday, September 17.  We will also have cash prizes of $100, $80, and $60 to give to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place sellers, respectively.  Students must turn in all of their money by the deadline of Wednesday, September 29 in order to be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing.

Please let a director know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support!

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