Wednesday’s Beginning Band Contest

Please note this information is only for eligible members of the Beginner’s Ensemble:

Please click here to see the details for Wednesday’s Temple College Contest that will take place during school.  Students will need to arrive to school that morning already dressed in their band uniform, which is their band uniform shirt tucked into jeans with closed-toed shoes and gentlemen should wear a belt.  They will be excused from periods 1-6, but are still responsible for any missed school work.  

Our performance takes place at 11am, and is free and open to the public so come and watch the Beginners at their first ensemble contest!  We will perform in the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center (PAC), and campus maps can be found here for your reference.  Please have your student bring $6 for lunch at CiCi’s Pizza by this Monday.  This makes it much easier when we arrive to get everyone through the line to the buffet. 

Student may bring a change of regular school clothes if they wish, and will have time to change out of their uniform once we return to school after lunch.  We will follow the same performance rubric for this major grade, including being Punctual, Prepared, and Disciplined.  We are excited that Beginners get to finally return to Temple College for this contest after a 3-year hiatus due to the pandemic.  Please wish us luck as we make the final preparations for this contest!

Beginner Rehearsals & Performances

In order to prepare for both of next week’s performances, the Beginner’s Ensemble will have rehearsals after school next Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17 in the Band Hall from 4-5pm.  Please pick up your student at 5pm in the staff parking lot near the Cafeteria.  Both of these rehearsals are required in order to put all 8 of our classes together to get ready to perform, and a grade will be taken for both.

Eligible students will be competing at the Temple College Contest during school next Wednesday, May 18.  More details about this performance will be sent in a separate message to those eligible students and parents.  Our Spring Concert & Awards Ceremony for all students will be next Thursday, May 19 at the Belton HS PAC starting at 7pm.  Details for this major grade and final performance will be sent soon.

All school-owned instruments will be checked in the day after our concert on Friday, May 20 during class.  We will also clean out lockers, go over ensemble placements and supplies for next year, and tie up the loose ends from this school year.  School-Wide EOY Awards Ceremonies will take place in the Competition Gym during the last week of school.  This is where we will present medals and ribbons to students who earned them from our Solo & Ensemble Contest held in February.

Please message Mr. Pulley if you have any questions about the above information, and thank you for your support of our band program this year!

Details for Saturday’s Spring Trip

Please note this message is only for students and parents attending the Spring Trip:

Click here for our schedule for Saturday’s Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas. We went over these details with the students in class on Monday. Please make sure your student is dropped off at the side Cafeteria entrance of BMS no later than 8:45am, and please do not park in the bus loop since our buses will be coming in to park. We will meet in the Cafeteria to go over the last set of instructions before loading the buses.

Be sure to review our swimsuit dress code by clicking on this link: Please stress with your student they need to stay hydrated with water or Powerade/Gatorade throughout the day, not just soda so they don’t get dehydrated. Students will have access to free unlimited drinks all day while at the park. They should also use sunscreen.

Students can bring personal electronic devices (such as cell phone or small gaming device) but students assume all responsibility for these items, not adults. As with any public place, there is a risk of these items being lost, stolen, or damaged. We highly recommend students rent a locker while at the park in order to safely secure these items.

Please be sure your student bring a bag for wet clothes, as well as a change of dry clothes for the bus ride home. If you will be picking up your student to leave with you from the park, please be sure to fill out and turn in this Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent ASAP. We should return to BMS around 5:45pm, but I will send out Remind text messages for updates.

We are very much looking forward to the return of this Spring Trip! If you have any questions, please message Mr. Pulley.

Spring Trip Forms

Please note this information is intended only for the parents of students attending our Fine Arts Spring Trip:

We are excited for the upcoming Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas on Saturday, May 14 after a 3-year hiatus!  Please click on this permission form and code of conduct that needs to be filled out (both forms) and returned to our black turn-in box no later than this Friday, May 6 at 4pm. 

Once students turn in this form completed, they will receive the itinerary and a notecard for them to write down who they would like to sit with on the bus.  We will post the list of students who are attending the trip on our Band Bulletin Board, which is the window in the hallway on the back of the Choir Director’s office.  This notecard is due back by Monday, May 9 so we can create the bus seating chart.

All students will ride the bus down to Pflugerville, but if you wish to take your child home in your vehicle later, then please fill out this additional “Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent” form.  This form is also due by Monday, May 9 in the turn-in box so we can make the necessary arrangements.  

We have been looking forward to the return of this trip for a long time.  Thank you in advance for your help in making it safe, fun, and successful!