Wind Ensemble Pre-UIL Concert & UIL Recording Date Change

This following message is only for Wind Ensemble parents and students:

Due to the recent inclement weather, it has been necessary to change the dates of both our Pre-UIL Benchmark Concert and our UIL Concert & Sightreading recording session, both at Belton High School Performing Arts Center (PAC). Luckily, we were granted special permission to extended the deadline for our recording submission for UIL.

The required Pre-UIL Benchmark Concert will take place on Friday, March 26 at the Belton HS PAC. Students will need to report to the Stage by 6:15pm fully dressed in their formal band uniform, which includes red polo shirt tucked into black pants, black calf-length socks, and black dress shoes. Young gentlemen will need to wear a black belt as well.

Our timed warm-up will begin close to 6:30pm, and the actual performance will start at 7:00pm. Since this performance is open to the public, we highly encourage parents, friends, and family members to attend this concert since it is the only public performance we will be giving of our UIL program due to copyright restrictions. We will then sightread a piece afterwards in order to practice and prepare for the actual recording session, which will take place during school on Wednesday, April 7 in the morning. This recording session is not open to the public. More details will be sent about this at a later time.

We will have a judge listening and making comments to us about our performance in order to improve in the rehearsals that remain until our recording session. He should also be able to give us a clinic (teaching session) on improving our performance, which should be very educational for our students!

Thank you so much for your support during our contest season!

Solo Contest Results

At our Solo & Ensemble Contest at BMS last Saturday, we had a total of 162 events, and we’re proud to report that the judges awarded a total of 122 First Divisions.  That’s over 75% of the total performances earning a Superior rating!  These students will earn a medal at the end of the year.  Second Division Excellent ratings were awarded to 30 of our students, and they will receive a ribbon.  The judges also awarded 21 Outstanding Performer special medals, and their names are listed below. Great job, Belton MS Band students!

  1. Hudson B., oboe
  2. Kenna C., bassoon
  3. Ethan B., clarinet
  4. Deanna G., clarinet
  5. Javid P., clarinet
  6. Noelle D., alto saxophone
  7. John P., alto saxophone
  8. Hope B., trumpet (Wind Ensemble)
  9. Layna C., trumpet
  10. Ana P., trumpet
  11. Bobby R., trumpet
  12. Kyan P., both trombone and horn
  13. Pablo U., trombone
  14. Nathan W., trombone
  15. Alyssa V., both trombone and euphonium
  16. Alayna S., tuba
  17. Graham C., mallet percussion
  18. Alyssa N., mallet percussion
  19. Diego S.-C., snare drum

Band Intention Form

This message is for current 6th & 7th Grade Band Parents/Students only:

As we look ahead to planning for next school year, we need your feedback on your son or daughter’s likely choice for their enrollment in Band next year.  We really appreciate your child’s participation in our program, and we sincerely hope they decide to continue to play their instrument and learn life-long skills, such as punctuality, preparation, self-discipline, focus, and relentless grit.  The directors know that Band can add that special motivation to do well and to be superior in everything they do.  All directors work with athletic coaches and other sponsors constantly to avoid any conflicts that may arise by students’ participation in multiple programs.  We never want to put your child in the position of having to choose between different activities.

After talking it over with your student, please click on this link to fill out the form, and if appropriate, please give us reasons that support your decision: would like your response by Friday, March 5 in order to plan for next year.

Remember, being in Band offers many benefits outside of playing an instrument.  Important life skills such as time management are learned, as well as the integration of team building skills on a daily basis.  Band students also score higher on both the SAT and ACT.  Children who take Band have a lower life-long drug and alcohol abuse rates as compared to those who don’t.  All of these are important abilities that both colleges and future employers look for in our Band students.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Band students are the best kids in school!

Regardless of their choice, all 6th & 7th grade Band students will prepared and perform an End-of-Year Audition that serves as a placement exam for our ensembles.  This will take place during the April/May, and is part of their semester exam.  We appreciate your help with this process.

Solo Contest Rescheduled

Due to the inclement weather last week, we need to reschedule our Solo & Ensemble Contest to Saturday, March 6 here at Belton MS.  If you have already signed up for a time, we have automatically transferred that over to the new date on Sign-Up Genius.  If you did not yet sign up, please do so no later than this Friday, February 26.  Students/Parents who have not yet signed up for a time will be assigned one by us next week.  If you need to change your sign-up time, please visit appropriate link below and change it directly on Sign-Up Genius.

Woodwinds (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone) will perform in the morning between 9:00am and 12:00pm, and can access their sign-ups here:

Brass (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba) will perform in the afternoon between 1:00pm and 4:30pm, and can access their sign-ups at:

Percussion will perform both in the morning (between 9:00am and 12:00pm) and in the afternoon (between 1:00pm and 3:00pm), and can access their sign-ups here:

Please contact a director if you have any questions or conflicts.

Solo and Ensemble Contest

Please read this document detailing our Band Solo and Ensemble Contest here at Belton MS on Saturday, February 20.  Students will need to wear their formal band uniform for this performance, and will need to be dropped off at the side entrance of the school (by the Cafeteria) 10 minutes before their performance time.  Only students, directors, and judges will be allowed in the building in order to keep with socially-distanced protocols.  After their performance, students can be picked up at the front of the school in order to create a one-way flow of traffic inside the school, and to help alleviate traffic congestion outside of the school.

Students who play a woodwind instrument will perform between 9:00am and 12:00pm that day.  If your student plays a woodwind instrument (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, or saxophone), please click on this link to sign them up for a time slot:  Remember students will need to arrive 10 minutes before their performance time, and then should be picked up immediately afterward at the front of the school.  The whole timespan should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Students who play a brass instrument (trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, or tuba) will perform between 1:00pm and 4:30pm that day.  If your student plays a brass instrument, please click on this link to sign them up for a time slot:

Percussion students can choose to perform in the morning between 9:00am and 12:00pm, or in the afternoon between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.  If your student play a percussion instrument, please click on this link to sign them up for a time slot:  

Please sign up your child for a time slot no later than Wednesday, February 17 so we can adequately prepare for this contest.  Students have been preparing for this major grade for a few months, so please show your support by listening to their solo at home.  Thank you for your help, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Instrument Placement Night 2021

Anyone who would like to take Band next year at Belton Middle School needs to attend our Instrument Placement Night on Thursday, February 18 one of the following times 5:30-6:15pm, 6:30-7:15pm, or 7:30-8:15pm. Please take time to read this Parent Letter by clicking on this link.

Click on this link or scan the QR code below to sign up for a time slot on Thursday, February 18 at BMS:

All-Region Jazz Results

Last week, members of the Belton Middle School Jazz Band competed in the TMEA All-Region Jazz Band auditions virtually. Middle school band students from all over Central Texas competed. We had 18 students record 2 jazz etudes they have been working on since December. I am proud to report that our program filled 11 of the available 21 spots! Half of the TMEA All-Region Jazz Band are BMS students! Please join me in congratulating the following 7th & 8th graders:

  1. John P. placed 2nd chair out of 17 alto saxophones, and is a Concert All-Region member
  2. Brian C. placed 1st chair baritone saxophone
  3. Bobby R. placed 1st chair out of 15 trumpets
  4. Pablo U. placed 2nd chair out of 13 trombones, is a 2-Year All-Region Jazz member, and also a Concert All-Region member
  5. David S. placed 3rd chair trombone, and is a Concert All-Region member
  6. Kyan P. placed 4th chair trombone, and is a Concert All-Region member
  7. Alyssa V. placed 5th chair trombone, and is a Concert All-Region member
  8. Corin R. placed 1st chair piano
  9. Alyssa N. placed 1st chair vibraphone, and is a Concert All-Region member
  10. Diego S. placed 1st chair out of 12 drummers, and is a Concert All-Region member
  11. Brennan L. placed 2nd chair on drum set, is a 2-Year All-Region Jazz member, and is a Concert All-Region member

We also had 2 students who earned the 1st Alternate spot, and are listed as honorable mention:

  1. Olivia B. placed 3rd out of 17 alto saxophones, and is a Concert All-Region member
  2. Cole P. placed 2nd chair string bass, and is an All-Region Orchestra member

We are very proud of all of our students in the Belton Middle School Jazz Band!

Solo Selection

Happy Snow Day!  Please have your student spend some time browsing their solo packet they received in class last week.  We will have students write down their top 3 choices for their solo selection this week, and they will know which solo they will be performing by the end of this week. 

This is in preparation for our Solo & Ensemble Contest at BMS on Saturday, February 20, and please mark this day on your calendar at home.  We will send out a Sign-Up Genius so you can select the most convenient time for your student to come perform.  They will arrive 10 minutes before their performance time in case we run ahead of schedule.  After their performance, they are dismissed to leave so we can keep the number of people in the building low at any one time.  We hope that the whole process should take about 20 minutes total.  

Beginners will be handed a new practice record tomorrow during class to restart their practice schedule this week.  This will be due next Tuesday, January 19 since we don’t have school next Monday.  Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will restart their practice records next week starting on Tuesday.

Let us know if you have any questions about the above information.  Thanks!