Spring Trip Forms

Please note this information is intended only for the parents of students attending our Fine Arts Spring Trip:

We are excited for the upcoming Spring Trip to Typhoon Texas on Saturday, May 14 after a 3-year hiatus!  Please click on this permission form and code of conduct that needs to be filled out (both forms) and returned to our black turn-in box no later than this Friday, May 6 at 4pm. 

Once students turn in this form completed, they will receive the itinerary and a notecard for them to write down who they would like to sit with on the bus.  We will post the list of students who are attending the trip on our Band Bulletin Board, which is the window in the hallway on the back of the Choir Director’s office.  This notecard is due back by Monday, May 9 so we can create the bus seating chart.

All students will ride the bus down to Pflugerville, but if you wish to take your child home in your vehicle later, then please fill out this additional “Permission to Leave Band Event with Parent” form.  This form is also due by Monday, May 9 in the turn-in box so we can make the necessary arrangements.  

We have been looking forward to the return of this trip for a long time.  Thank you in advance for your help in making it safe, fun, and successful!

Important M100 Dates

Please note the following message is intended for current 8th Graders & Parents planning to join HS Band:

Here are some important dates for you to have as we gear up for High School Band next month.  First, the Marching Fundamentals Clinic will held in the Belton HS Band Hall on Monday, May 23 and Tuesday, May 24.  Monday’s clinic will be 5:00-8:00pm while Tuesday’s will be 5:00-7:30pm.  Students should wear athletic attire, including tennis shoes/sneakers, light-colored shorts, and t-shirts.  They will want to bring a hat or wear sunglasses and sunscreen.  There is also a new Parent Meeting that Tuesday starting at 7:30pm in the HS Band Hall that you should plan to attend.

A reminder that students will be auditioning next week at the HS Band Hall after school on Thursday, April 28 (in only 10 days!). You can visit this page of their website to find the music and other information.  HS Directors are setting up the exact times, so we will communicate this once we have them.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Gill at shannon.gill@bisd.net.  

Spring Concert Date

I apologize if this has been confusing, but we are going to keep our Spring Concert/Awards Ceremony on the original date of Thursday, May 19 starting at 7pm in the Belton HS PAC.  There were too many conflicts and I didn’t want the date change to prevent students from participating.  Thank you for your input, and please mark this down on your calendar as our final performance for this school year.

Contest Week Results

The Belton MS Band just completed their busy contest week with two groups performing at UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation, the Jazz Band’s first contest appearance at the Temple Jazz Festival, and the TMEA Region Jazz Clinic & Concert.

The Symphonic Band under Mr. Trahan earned overall First Division Superior ratings in both the Concert and Sightreading portions, which means they earned the coveted title of Sweepstakes for their first UIL appearance!  Judge comments for their performance include, “All the parts were played well”, “Students are engaged and focused”, and “This band plays with confidence!”.  Congratulations Symphonic Band!

The Wind Ensemble under Mr. Pulley earned overall Second Division Excellent ratings in the Concert portion, and First Division Superior ratings in the Sightreading portion.  Here are some comments from the judges for their performance: “Students play with excellent/mature sounds”, “Great musical style and phrasing”, and “This group has a great band sound!”.  Congratulations Wind Ensemble!

The Jazz Band’s first appearance at the Temple Jazz Festival earned them an overall rating of First Division Superior ratings, and the following students were awarded an individual certificate by the judges as outstanding musicians: Daniel Arroyo, Alto Saxophone; Javier Enciso, trumpet; Jayden Holt, trumpet; Luke Baird, trumpet; Hope Bovell, trumpet; Penn Baldridge, drums; and Alyssa Nickerson, vibraphone.  Congratulations Jazz Band!

Feel free to listen to all three of these contest performances here: https://soundcloud.com/beltonmsband/sets/contest-week-2022

Finally, a record-breaking six students worked for only five hours Saturday to put on a concert as the TMEA All-Region Jazz Band at Temple College as part of the Temple Jazz Festival.  Congratulations to the following hard-working jazz students: Jayden Holt, 5th Chair Trumpet; Nathan Whitfield, 1st Chair Trombone; Claire Brown, 4th Chair Trombone; Charlie Wagner, 5th Chair Trombone; Corin Ramesar, Piano (2-Year All-Region Jazz Band member); and Alyssa Nickerson, Vibes (2-Year All-Region Jazz Band member).  Congratulations students!

End-of-Year Placement Audition Information

As we look forward to the next school year, here is information about our annual end-of-year placement auditions.  Auditions will be held during your child’s band class from April 25 to May 6All current 6th and 7th grade band students are required to participate for a major grade.  This audition serves as the individual assessment of each student’s musical skills mastered from this school year.  Think of this as the individual STAAR test for Band, and the music can be found here: tinyurl.com/bmsbandauditions

The concert portion of the Belton Middle School Band consists of 3 ensembles: the Beginner’s Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, and the Wind Ensemble.  This audition serves as the placement exam for students into one of these 3 groups.  Students in the Beginner’s Ensemble are from grades 6-8, while students in the advanced groups (Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble) are from grades 7th and 8th only.  Placement in these advanced ensembles is based on ability and musicianship, not grade level.  Much like when students move from 6th to 7th grade, Symphonic Band serves as the natural next step in the progression from Beginner’s Ensemble.  Wind Ensemble serves as the premier group, and students in both groups participate in pep rallies, concerts, contests, etc.

For wind players, the audition material consists of scales and a brief sightreading excerpt.  Percussion students will audition with Mr. Smith on similar material.  Detailed information about scales and sightreading has been provided directly to students, and each audition should last no more than 5-10 minutes.  The assessment rubric has also been provided directly to students.  Students will play their audition only once, and will not be allowed to redo it.  Auditions will be audio recorded for directors’ reference, not for public distribution.

Students will earn a separate score and grade for their audition.  Scores determine ensemble placement, and grades are earned based on each student’s individual audition preparation, performance, and potential.  For this major grade, only the following grades will be given: 100, 85, 70, and 50.  Any student who earns a grade of 50 will be required to repeat Beginning Band next year if they wish to remain in the Belton Middle School Band program.

For interested saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion students, this audition also serves as placement into our Jazz Band.  No additional music is required to prepare for this ensembleNot all students who audition for Jazz Band will earn a spot in this group.  Students must be concurrently enrolled in either Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble, and use 2 elective choices in order to participate in this elite group.

Audition results are final and will be officially posted on Friday, May 13 at 8:00am.  These results will be sent to the school counselors for next year’s scheduling.  Those students choosing to not remain in Band next year will not have their results posted.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter to ensure a smooth audition process.  As always, if there are any questions, please contact one of the directors.  Thank you for your support of the Belton MS Band!