Holiday Concert Information 2022

Please click here for detailed information for Thursday’s Holiday Concert at the Belton HS Performing Arts Center (PAC) starting at 6:30pm. This free concert is open to all friends and family members, and students can invite as many people as they would like to watch them perform.

The Band Hall will close at 4:30pm that day, and students are responsible for taking their instrument and music binder to the PAC. This concert performance is a major grade for all band students, and is critical to their success as a musician. Please remember that it is not possible to recreate a public performance, and this concert serves as a major grade and the culmination of all of our students’ work so far this school year.

Beginner Rehearsals After School Next Week

Just a reminder that all members of the Beginner’s Ensemble will have large group rehearsals after school this Monday & Tuesday (December 12 & 13) in the Band Hall starting at 4pm until 5pm.

At the end of school when the last bell rings, students will immediately go to the Band Hall and drop off their backpack and belongings in the Ensemble Room under the signs that have their instrument section. Then, they will assemble their instrument and go to their chair in the ensemble where their name tag is in the Band Hall. We will have a countdown timer displayed in order to start rehearsal promptly at 4pm. 

Students are expected to “Be Punctual” and arrive seated with all materials and ready to rehearse at 4pm sharp or their grade will be affected. Students 1-5 minutes late will have their rehearsal grade reduced to an 85. Students who are late 5-15 minutes will have their grade reduced to a 70. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late will receive a 50. 

Please pick up your student at the bus loop in the staff parking lot near the Cafeteria by 5pm both days. We have these group rehearsals in order to put all 8 beginner classes all together with all 90 beginners like we will be performing at the Holiday Concert next Thursday starting at 6:30pm in the Belton HS Performing Arts Center (PAC). Remember, we still need parent chaperones for this concert and you will still get to see your student perform! Please click here to sign up on our Sign-Up Genius website.