Resources from “How Well Do Your Students Rehearse? A Discussion On Music Rehearsal Etiquette” Presentation

Presentation Slideshow – this is the Google Slides presentation.

My Core Values – this is the resource to find your top core values that resonate with you the most from

Five Guidelines of Success – the Belton MS Band has established these guidelines to govern our actions and dictate daily procedure.

“Teaching Rehearsal Etiquette” by Laura Weidel – this article is from TMEA’s Southwestern Musician (November 2015) that inspired our rehearsal expectations.

Choir Rehearsal Etiquette Student Self-Assessment – this is the form used by Ms. Weidel’s students to self-assessed their rehearsal etiquette behavior.

Belton MS Band Rehearsal Etiquette Student Self-Assessment – this is our version of the above form, customized for the Belton MS Band.

Belton MS Band Rehearsal Expectations – this is the full list of our rehearsal expectations.

Attributes of A Superior Band Student – here are the “first chair” attributes that the most superior student musicians consistently adhere to when practicing, rehearsing, and performing

“I Forgot” Assignment – this essay attempts to jog students’ memory to bring their materials to school every day, but is not required to be signed by a parent

“The Page” Discipline Writing Assignment – this essay is the behavior redirection piece that must be signed by a parent.

Band Daily Behavior Report Card (DBRC) – Group– this form is assigned to individual students or whole ensembles who need additional behavior support in following the rehearsal expectations.

Actual Examples of Group DBRC:

Tracking of Ensemble Rehearsal Etiquette – Weekly Glance:

After Presentation Survey Evaluation Comments – feedback shared from the presentation.

Additional DBRC Resources – here is additional information from Emergent Tree’s DBRC that was used in the making of this presentation:

  1. Explanation of DBRC
  2. Teacher DBRC Letter
  3. DBRC Blank Form
  4. DBRC Online Sample
  5. DBRC Feedback Loop Staff Letter
  6. DBRC Feedback Loop Process
  7. DBRC Feedback Loop Examples & Script
  8. DBRC Feedback Loop Fidelity Checklist

Presentation Recording – this is the initial video recording from the Zoom presentation at the inaugural Belton ISD Recharge Conference – February 2022.

Acknowledgements: Much thanks goes to the following people for their influence and ideas so this could be possible: Laura Weidel, Christopher Gongora, and Janice Motl. Also thank you Sherry Grace, Vickie Dean, Sara Windham, and Patrick Trahan for your help in setting up and executing the original presentation.

Participant Comments:

  • “Thank you for having a session that was so relevant to our field!!”
  • “Great topic that is relevant to our subject area.”
  • “This was an excellent presentation. Chris was well prepared and allowed others to share thoughtful ideas!”
  • “Fantastic presentation! Structure was great and the information presented can be used in any educational setting I believe.”
  • “So many great ideas to implement and test out!”
  • “Chris did a great job conveying his thoughts about good practice in his classroom and was very open to the ideas that were shared.”
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